Pancakes and the Fillings

Matcha Mascarpone.
Velvety green tea and anko

Matcha Custard.
Refreshing green tea crème patisserie.

Rich vanilla crème patisserie.

Lemon Custard.
Refreshingly zingy crème patisserie.

Lemon Cheesecake.
Smooth zingy cream.

Hand cooked red beans with chopped chestnut pieces.

Strawberries & Cream.
Vibrant strawberries in smooth cream.

Anko (Red Bean).
Tender sweetened red beans.

Intense chocolate truffle.

Cream Cheese Anko.
Melt in the mouth cream cheese and anko.

Red Bean & Walnut.
sweet red bean blended with walnut pieces.


©2013 - Richard Seery